Denzel Puts it on Cruise Control in New ‘Equalizer 2’ Trailer (VIDEO)


Denzel Washington has been doing some of the best work of his career lately in films like FlightFences, and Roman J. Israel, Esq, but he’s certainly not immune to starring in cut-rate action thrillers where he can mostly be on cruise control the entire time. I thought for a minute that when Tony Scott died, perhaps Denzel would stop doing these completely interchangeable action movies.

However, Training Day director Antoine Fuqua stepped nicely into that role for Denzel, directing him in thoroughly pedestrian action fare like The Magnificent Seven and The Equalizer, the latter of which is now getting a snooze-worthy looking sequel from the same creative team that brought us the 2014 original.

The Equalizer wasn’t exactly Denzel’s worst movie, but it was pretty rotten and didn’t need a sequel, but after making serious bank in the fall of 2014, a sequel felt inevitable and now here we are. If nothing else, I’m glad they’ve got a villain with some charisma this time around in the form of Pedro Pascal. Gotta take those little victories where you can get them.

So yeah, maybe you guys like The Equalizer and are excited for this sequel. I say, wake me up when they’re done making these movies. The Equalizer 2 opens on July 20.

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